About Us

USAlliance Trade Group LLC (est. 2001) is an international trade consulting company focused on developing new markets for supplier clients and facilitating physical commodities trading in multiple industries including minerals & metals, precious metals, coal, petroleum products, construction equipment and supplies, timber and agro-foodstuffs.

Based in Washington DC - USA, USATG is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the huge embassy community and the many business opportunities presented by countries from around the globe. We have the wherewithal and the networks to open new markets for clients’ products worldwide. And, as foreign commissioned agents, USATG is poised to generate new business opportunities within the American market.


Facilitation: As facilitators, USATG connects international sellers and buyers together for specific products. USATG is paid upon completion of a transaction by way of a pre-agreed Fee Payment Agreement when the seller/supplier has been paid for the goods they have shipped to the buyer.

Agency: As agents, USATG will have much more involvement in the export transaction (and often an ongoing one) than an export facilitator or broker. USATG will carry out the negotiation, help the supplier arrange for shipping, insurance and other requirements and continue to be in the loop of communications between the buyer and the supplier that is supplying the goods.

As agents for suppliers/sellers, we are effectively their independent USA marketing representatives

Products and Materials Sourcing: USATG is highly experienced in sourcing virtually any product (new or used) or raw material legally available for international trade. USATG is paid upon completion of a transaction by way of a pre-agreed Fee Payment Agreement.

We work on a retainer basis (time and expenses) for complex projects or hard to find products.

Project Funding: USATG will act as "Finders" of funding sources for capital projects with requirements typically ranging between $10 - $500 million dollars. Our function is limited to bringing parties together We do not participate in the lender’s project qualification/approval process, joint ventures, government tenders or project management. USATG is paid by the Project Funding Provider when the project is initially funded, by way of a pre-agreed Fee Payment Agreement.

Gold Sales: USATG is positioned to act as a legal Mandate or U.S. agent for reputable gold mines/sellers, primarily working directly through major U.S. registered and bonded gold refineries. Unrefined gold materials must be delivered to the refineries at the seller’s expense. Assaying of gold is done by international standards in the presence of you, the supplier and/or your representative on the day of arrival at the refinery. The entire transaction process and pricing are detailed in an agreement which is signed by both the supplier and refinery before the product is received at the refinery. Price is determined by 2nd London Fix as detailed in the agreement. Settlements are promptly made via wire transfer.

MARKETS: Asia, India, Africa, Middle East, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey

We’re interested in hearing from companies within these regions looking for a USA Agent/Mandate to generate new customers for their finished products, raw materials, precious metals, petroleum, and mining & metals products. Or, to act as their buyer Agent/Mandate to source USA made finished goods or competitively priced products worldwide.