USAlliance Trade Group LLC are international agents and trade facilitators based in Washington, D.C. Being an international city with embassies from virtually every country around the world, Washington is a perfect hub for identifying, initiating and transacting global business.

All embassies have commercial departments tasked with promoting international trade with their countries and often arranging and hosting on-going trade missions to the United States seeking products, services, joint partnering or to find new markets for their indigenous products.

USATG is uniquely positioned to promote your products both in America and to visiting buyer delegations from around the world.

What USATG does as a commissioned Agent:

  • Develops new markets for manufacturers/suppliers of products.
  • Sources products at competitive prices worldwide.
  • Acts as an exclusive independent territorial marketing agent for companies new to exporting.
  • Acts as Mandates for mines and raw material suppliers.
  • Acts as an American Buyer Agent for foreign Buyers.
  • Acts as a U.S.A. transaction facilitator for foreign precious metals suppliers.

What USATG does as commissioned Trade Facilitator:

  • Brings serious buyers and sellers together for specific commodities.
                        Raw materials – Minerals – Metals – Petroleum products – Agricultural Products
  • Provides quick react material support to countries that have experienced natural disasters.
    i.e. Medical equipment & supplies, emergency equipment & vehicles, construction materials, temporary emergency bulk food stuff and fresh water systems.

Now that you know what we do, tell us how we can help you. Please go to the Products Sourcing tab and tell us your requirements or if you have a commodity to sell, go to the Contact Us tab. We look forward to working with you.

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